The Wolf Gift Read-a-Long

wolf gift

Here we go with The Wolf Gift! I’m excited! Fall always makes me want to read scary themed books.

This book isn’t too long so it should be pretty manageable. I’m going to split it up in two parts. So…

  • Start reading on September 1
  • Read Chapters 1 – 21 (pp. 1 – 203)
  • Come back here on September 15 to discuss the first half
  • On September 16, start reading Chapters 22 – 40 (pp. 204 – 404/the end)
  • Come back here on September 30 to discuss the second half/the book as a whole

I hope you will be joining me. If you are, I hope you’re looking as forward to it as I am. 🙂

mega read-a-long challenge


About Michelle Miller

Mom of two wonderful boys. Avid reader and book personal library numbers over 3000 books; the fiction count is now at 2000 . Book reviewer and writer. Major history buff. Book buying enthusiast who can be found frequently at used books stores and library sales. Blogging addict with eleven blogs and counting.
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